Healing Purpose of Magnetic Necklace

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Published: 25th January 2011
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Magnetic necklace is used for health benefits as it generates magnetic fields. It can be used to heal pain, injury, illness, well-being etc. It can heal pain as the negative magnetic fields neutralises the disturbed metabolic activities. It has been helpful to heal pain varying from arthritis to migraine headaches. It reduces the stress level and improves sleep. It enhances the intake of nutrients and oxygen in the body and throws the toxic substances which in turn increase the blood flow of the body. The only problem associated with magnetic necklace could be allergy of magnetic products. It can heal pains like neck, headache, shoulder pain rheumatism, herniated disc pain relief.
It is always very stylish to wear magnetic necklace. The length of necklace is determined by the manufacturer. Usually they are about 18-24 inch in length and made up with 5-8mm magnetic beads and 2000-3000 gauss super magnet. They help the individual with longstanding and severe pains. It can also heal spondylosis, upper spine disc degeneration, frozen shoulder etc as the magnetic fields generated are not restricted only to neck but they are permitted to upper back, shoulders, elbows and arms as well.
Types of magnetic necklace
Stainless steel magnetic necklace can be hypoallergenic as they are manufactured from surgical stainless steel and do not contain any sort of base metal. Some of the manufacturer will brush gold on top of magnetic necklace to have a two tone look. This is done in order to maintain its shine and colour. Hematite type of necklace constitutes of 800-1000 gauss magnets. These have appropriate strength so that they can deal with pains varying from mild level to moderate level and which person is experiencing for a shorter period of time. It can heal tension in the neck, moderate muscle spasms etc.
Side effects
Ideally there are no side effects associated with magnetic necklace apart from the allergic. It is highly recommended that the necklaces should not be worn when an individual is pregnant. It should also be avoided if the individual is using a pacemaker which will result in complications at later stage. Some of the medications might hurt individualís stomach due to over dose and stuff like that but magnetic necklace is the healthy and safe option in order to heal pain generated in the body due to unusual working pattern or muscular strain or fatigue.
Why magnetic necklace
If an individual is suffering arthritis, magnetic necklace is best and cheaper solution to heal it. An individual can choose the magnetic necklace as per their requirements. Requirements could be like style, length, appearance of the necklace. An individual can give it a try as there nothing much to lose by using the magnetic therapy apart from cost of the necklace. Also the main advantage i.e. it has no side effects clearly implies that thereís nothing much to lose in trying out. Necklace has a good life span therefore people donít have to buy it every now and then as it is only one time investment.

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