Types of Hair Cutting Scissors

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Published: 14th December 2010
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There are two blade styles available in scissors, convex and bevel. The bevel blade comes handy for layered or tampered cut while the convex blade is used for normal and slide cutting. It is essential that you understand the correct blade when it comes to styling, and a professional hair-stylist knows the contrast in the two, and is aware of the one that will give the best cut. It is important to check whether the blades of a scissors are sharp as well as pointed.
Every professional needs specialized equipment to maximize their potential abilities in their profession. Scissors vary in styles and pricing. Unlike people who cut hair occasionally, professionals need best hair cutting shears. Good scissors are made of light weight steel with cobalt as the strengthening element. They are light in weight for easy use and have modified handles for finger comfort. For shape styling and cutting around ears curved scissors are widely used. Long hair is cut with longer blades while shorter blades are used for short layered hair; whereas, when thinning and tapering, you can go for styles and thinning shears. Some scissors have small grooves on one side of the blade for holding the hair straight while cutting it. These work best with thick hair as well. A good hairdresser must have a set of scissors so as to be ready for any styling and type of hair.
In order to ensure that your scissors are in good form, you should always use it on clean hair. Using the blade on dirty hair or hair with styling products repeatedly will leave the blades dull. The blades should be cleaned after use and oiled often. Warm water with a mild detergent should be used to clean the scissors. Dirt should be removed by opening the scissors wide and remove dirt along the whole length of the blade. The scissors should be rinsed well and wiped with a dry soft cloth. Oil should be applied at the meeting point and the scissors be opened severally for the oil distribution an oil in excess wiped off.
It is necessary that you treat your scissors like the special tool they are. They should be used on hair only and should be handled carefully and never be dropped as this can cause damage on the blade's tip or bend the blade. You should regularly check the tension screw as it loosens when used often.
The best pair of scissors will not only make it easier for the hairdresser to cut the desired style but also scissors have a long life. Excellent care will translate into the scissors lasting long. Before buying any type of professional hair scissors, do some online research to know about the latest models so that you can get the right model for your next hair cutting style. The selection of good and trendy hairstyle is very important for your look when you are giving attention to your personal grooming. So make sure you do not neglect any factor.

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